ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd. Signs Letter of Intent to Market It S Agricultural Technology in Europe

About Zaklad of Poland

Eco Energy Tech Asia Ltd. (ECO Energy) today announced that it has signed a letter of intent with its cooperation partner Zaklad Budowy Maszin from Poland (Zaklad). The agreement between Eco Energy and Zaklad stipulates the Zaklad of Poland will be the exclusive marketing partner of Eco Energy to sell agricultural technology systems developed and successfully invented by Eco Energy. Over many years Eco Energy developed and tested different technologies which are applied in the operation of vertical farming. These technologies are used to save energy and water in an isolated mini climate as it is provided in a Biodome. The use of these systems facilitates the operation of a Biodome and allows to increase profitability by decreasing costs for water and energy used.

Over the past years, Eco Energy has become a pioneer in developing a new form of agriculture which allows the year round production of healthy organic foods on a limited space isolated from any exterior impacts such as contamination or destruction. This allows harvesting fruit or vegetables 6-8 times per year which leads to a dramatically higher output than in a normal greenhouse. To achieve this high productive level it is necessary to use the latest technology to provide a stable climate which leads to a perfect environment for the growth of the plants. Eco Energy s engineers have worked on lighting and energy saving systems over many years to find the right combination of LED lighting to stimulate the growth of the plants without overheating the Biodome and simultaneously save energy by using photovoltaic systems.

Zaklad of Poland will market the technology systems throughout Europe and bring in it s experience in marketing and it s client base which it has developed over the past years. Both Zaklad and Eco Energy have agreed to intensify their business cooperation over the next years by implementing new technologies developed by Eco Energy.

About Zaklad of Poland


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ECO Energy Tech Asia Limited develops, markets and produces an ETFE insulated Biodome and Vertical Growing System that allows the year-round production of fresh food produce regardless of weather conditions and significantly reduces energy and input requirements.

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Source: ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd.

Source: ECO Energy Tech Asia Ltd.